Enough space to adopt the stray animals of Istanbul:

Everywhere we went in Turkey there were homeless cats and dogs. In the ancient city of Ephesus I met a couple dogs who lived among the 2000-year-old ruins. Then there were several smart cats who hung out at the butcher shop down the block from our hotel in IStanbul and the aging dog who had claimed a spot outside of Aya Sofya. Most of the animals seemed fairly healthy— people put out food for whatever strays happen to come by. And I saw others beside myself (probably tourists) stop to pet them. I think the best thing for them, though, would be for me to ship them all over to NYC to live with me. First I need to buy a large brownstone, though, I guess.

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Debbie said...

And then you will be known as the neighborhood cat person and the animal control people will come and take them away in cages ,put them in a van all done with media coverage. Gotta love NY. I think they are better off where they are but what a kind heart you have for the strays, I can totally get the desire to take them all in:)