Bell a0 wall sconce:

We are still on the hunt for living room lighting. My most recent find is made by Italian company Vetreria DeMajo using hand-blown Murano glass. When we traveled to Venice two years, we spent an lovely afternoon on the island of Murano. We didn't end up buying anything there, though. Partly because the glass is a little too colorful for my taste. This wall light solves that problem. And a certain someone will really like is its über-affordable price of $161.


z said...

would you mind if i stole your sconces? i really need new sconces in my living room, and these are delightful and cheap, and would look awesome with my new sofa

Wes said...

You are very welcome to steal these. Bri says she's not crazy about them so I'm back to my search anyway. But buy them now because they are on sale.

z said...

well now i have been advised differently -- i want some boxy scances with linen and very dim lighting