Mandatory prison sentences for people who abuse animals like Tinkerbell:

Tinkerbell, an older Yorkie, was found living in a cardboard box, starving to death unable to find food because some sick, sick person chopped off her front paws. Luckily the person who found her took her to BARC, a no-kill shelter in Brooklyn, and she is now being well cared for.
But who in the hell does something like that? I just can't imagine why doing something like that would even occur to anyone. That kind of cruelty makes me completely baffled.
All of our animals are rescues but Gertie seems to be the only one who suffered any abuse. When we got her I was horrified by her story— she was abused (probably kicked) and was then left out in the middle of winter chained to a fence with another Chihuahua, possibly her mother. The other dog died and Gertie was facing the same fate.
But Gertie's story is nothing compared to that of Tinkerbell. Maybe if animal abuse laws were much harsher, people would treat more of them with kindness. Or maybe I'm just wishful.


bri said...

That's awful. Let's get her.

Bill Norris said...

That's sick.

People, I think, generally suck. Dogs are better.

Whenever I get frustrated by Lucy's neediness, I remember that she spent the first seven months of her life in a cage, and that if she was a person, that'd be something close to 14 years.

People suck.