"You’ve Come Along Way, Baby" silkscreen tea towel:

This weekend I had to fly to LA for work and I took along about a half dozen magazines for some "research" for our company brainstorming retreat. One of the magazines was a cool Australian shelter book called Inside Out. (Why is it that all the best shelter books from Australia and the UK?) That's where I found the Australian company Third Drawer Down. They make limited editions of what they call "Domestic Art"— tea towels, aprons, table runners and the like— by Australian and European artists.
I immediately fell in love with German artist Tobias Rottger's 2004 design. And I also am quite fond of "She Danced". Either of them would look really good hanging from our stove— or framed on a wall (especially in a baby's room).

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weasel said...

After this weekend I am awaiting the appearance of one of these on Coveting.

Sincerely, I hope that any injuries picked up prove to be superficial and also after such a scare Bri agrees that one of these would be an awesome addition to the ol' tool kit.