Bodum's "Barcelona" flatware:

While staying at the very cool Casa Camper in Barcelona we discovered this great Bodum flatware. Each piece has the perfect weight and a nice sleek silhouette. Perfect for eating the complimentary snacks provided 24-hours a day.
Who knows if Bodum named the pieces "Barcelona" because they are used in the hotel or if it's just an amazing coincidence.


bri said...

That really is weird that they're called that.

I am having Casa Camper withdrawls. Where are my fresh snacks and cold bottled water and tiny little Diet Cokes? Where is my sleek lobby and ambient music? Why are there are all these teenagers here? What happened to the cute Italian toddlers?

I am so confused.

Wes said...

Once we get some of this flatware it will feel more like we're at Casa Camper. And I can start playing ambient music if you'd like.