A trek around Iceland:

I've been craving solitude and cool weather and the solution would be a nice trip to the amazing glaciers, lava fields and mountains of Iceland. The Myrdalsjokull glacier, shown in the photo, is in Southern Iceland, not too far from Reykjavik. It is the smallest of four glaciers in Iceland but it's unique because the volcano Katla hides under its thick icecap. The surrounding area is one of contrasts—sandy desert, green mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Icelandic Mountain Guides lead a 4-day backpacking trek along the eastern edge of Myrdalsjokull, which includes a7 kilometer crossing of one of the glacier's "tongues".
Or then there's a Winter Safari photography trip that takes people around the entire country in 11 days.

I wish I could leave tomorrow.


weasel said...

I've been begging Mrs. Weasel to accompany me to Iceland for ages, but the closest I've got was a one hour layover at Keflavik at 6am, while the terminal was under construction. All I could do was peer forlornly out the window of the smoking lounge/tea room at the mist covered hills in the distance and dream of brennivin

Wes said...

You must convince Mrs. Weasel to take a trip. I went first by myself and fell in love with the place. It took a while to get Bri there but now we plan to retire there eventually.

weasel said...

Might be tricky, she's a BVI kind of girl. Yachtie type, and all that.