Room & Board's Beads rug:

Our bedroom still lacks a rug. There are two main reasons (other than the fact that we have spent all our extra money on vacation and custom-made furniture):

1) With four animals worth of fur and occasional accidents, we realize that the couple grand we spent on our living room rug was not the best spent money. This lovely 5' by 8' hand-tufted New Zealand wool rug is under $500. Plus, it very low and dense pile which means Lexie won't have any fun "digging" in it.
2) We need a rug with blue or blue gray as the main color but for some reason most bluish rugs also come with brown accents. We don't hvae brown accents, we have black ones. This is the first
one without brown accents that's still dark enough for us to not constantly get dirty.

I really love Room & Board— and now they have a store in the city so we can avoid their shipping costs.

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