Ligne Roset So vase:

Yesterday I got a very cool, tall, white, stoneware vase. I bought some cala lilies and brought them home to display on the coffee table. It looked great. This morning when I awoke, I found the vase knocked over and shattered, thanks to Artemis, the cat who loves to rub against anything and everything (or it could have been Amelia, who must always investigate flowers).
It has proven once again that I am not allowed to own anything that has any potential of being knocked over.
The So vase from Ligne Roset looks like a good replacement. It's wider than it is tall and the brushed stainless handle is as functional as it is decorative.


Bill Norris said...

Of course you could just kill the cats. Or lock them in the garden.

But I didn't do that to Lucy when she broke two crystal reidel glasses with her tail in the same night.

Wes said...

I would lock them in the garden if they weren't so damn cute. Especially Art. Of course, my perfect Lexie never does anything like this (she only bites poodles).